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Completely Revamped

2009-11-29 12:35:05 by chouji7

Well, after what appears to be almost two years without any real activity, I decided I would start to post some of my remixes here. I haven't been doing this for very long but its something I enjoy. I'm currently uploading my latest remix, one of many more to come that will hopefully all get better each time.

Pretty Good

2007-09-21 22:40:00 by chouji7

I Thought I Would Update My Page, Since It's Been A While Since I've Posted.
I Now Have Two Games Out, And Im Working On A Third.
Check Out My Profile For The Two Games, They Are Very Fun, And Your Views Help Me Alot.
My New Game Is Coming Along Very Well, I Expect it To Be Very Big, And I'm Putting Alot Into It. I'll Post Again When It's Done, Which May Be A While, For Now Go Check Out My Other Games.
I Don't Want To Give Out The Topic, Or Whatever, Of My New Game, As I Have Personally Never Played One Like It, And Think It Is Very Original, So I Will Not Be Telling You What It Is About.
You Will Just Have To Wait, And Play/Favorite My Other Games And Movies.
= P


2007-08-03 19:00:47 by chouji7

++Part One Of This Fascinating Movie Is Now Out, Go Take A Look++

Well, Since None Of My Friends Who Are Supposed To Be Helping With My Game Have Done Very Much So Far, It Will Still Be A While To Come Out.
In My Impatience To Make The Game, I Started Work On A Video. A High Graphic Video, Very High Graphic... With Stick!!! Everything Else Is Very Well Animated Though, Even The Sticks.
It Was Meant To Be A One Piece Production, But When I Realized That The .fla File Weighs A Whopping 80 MB, and the .swf just Reached 11.6 MB I Will Have To Narrow Down The File Size Somehow, And I Will Submit It As A Two Part Feature. Please Excuse This Inconvenience, I Hope Even So You Will Enjoy This Movie.

I Am Now Going To Start Resizing The File Size, And Part 1 Should Be Out Later Tonight.

New Game

2007-07-17 23:30:11 by chouji7

My First Game Is Coming Out Soon, It Shouldn't Be More Than A Week Or Two, I'm Having Some Technical Dificulties.
It's Coming Along Very Well, So I Expect You To Be Looking For It.